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Follow The Herd Or Hunt It – Fat Prophets in Final Stages of IPO
Contrarian (noun): A person who deliberately behaves differently from others around them.
When Angus Geddes founded research house Fat Prophets, he envisioned a firm that would have the strength of conviction to take a contrarian strategic approach to investment, and leverage wealth creation opportunities where he believed the herd have it wrong.

Taking this contrarian approach, Fat Prophets has since made leaps and bounds through the Financial Services industry since 2000. Through transparency and performance, they have accumulated a loyal and committed member base to their research reports, and they have nearly $90 million in their managed accounts.

Now, Angus feels the time is right to take the next step, and establish a global fund where the public is invited to invest their money alongside his.

The Fat Prophets Global Contrarian Fund has a very sturdy strategy with the maintenance of between 10%-20% of funds in cash, around 60% in the core investments, and the remaining balance in the trading book.

“I have to… highlight that the fund will be a bit different.” said Angus, as the Lead Fund Manager. He will be managing a concentrated portfolio of between 15-25 stocks selected from developed markets within a medium-term horizon. “While the Listed Invested Company sector has grown considerably in recent years, the distinct approach being adopted...sets it apart from the crowd.”

The backing of this strategy comes from years of experience in identifying the macro inflection points wherein Angus can establish his conviction. In a notable recent example, Angus correctly identified and helped his clients to benefit from a contrarian view surrounding Wynn Macau Casino stocks in early 2016, where Chinese investment was slowing down due to a crackdown on corruption.

Two weeks prior to closing, the IPO has surged through its minimum capital threshold and is now in its final stages, raising up to $33 million at $1.10 per share – and up to an additional $33 million in over-subscriptions. On 10 March, 2017, the opportunity to invest in their Initial Public Offering (IPO) is expected to close. At present, the offer is open to investors in Australia and New Zealand together with certain investors from Singapore and Hong Kong that meet the specific criteria laid out in the prospectus.

The average Australian retail investor may think they don’t qualify for such an exciting opportunity – but now, with the chance to gain equal options, anyone can begin the ride of a lifetime as a founding investor.

So do you have what it takes to get invested?



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Christine Drpich
R3D Global Limited (ASX: R3D)
Operations & Marketing Manager
Mobile: +61 481 160 064
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Fax: +61 2 8823 3788
Email: Christine@r3d.com.au

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